Single Ply Flat Roofs

At Naish Roofing, we supply single-ply roofing membranes from Renolit AlkorplanĀ®. This membrane is comprised of a variety of materials with options including adhered and mechanically fixed. Suitable for both warm and cold roofs, the membranes have been engineered to be installed directly to ply and built-up systems (VCL, insulation and membrane).  Naish Roofing are one of only 2 installers in Buckinghamshire that are trained and authorised to use Renolit AlkorplanĀ®.

Whatever the make-up of your roofing system, you can rest assured that the results will be aesthetically pleasing. This product has been UV-stabilised offering superior protection when compared to other products. From new builds to refurbishment projects, our single-ply flat roofing is a product you will not regret investing in.

Under single-ply roofing, we can waterproof all manner of buildings including houses, flats, extensions, garages, balconies, summerhouses, and many more.  Regardless of the shape or size, we have you covered. Naish Roofing can also install solar bars ready for panels to be installed.We will ensure that these are correctly integrated into the roofing system.

Furthermore, our team can design and create a variety of fabrications to suit your ideas. These metals come in matching colours to the membrane and can be bent to any angle covering areas against existing buildings or coming over the face of the roof. We can also turn flat roof areas into terraced areas and make use of the space, for instance, if you would like a decked area or a green roof.


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